PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation), cRIO (CompactRIO), and cDAQ (CompactDAQ) are modular hardware platforms developed by National Instruments (NI) for measurement and automation applications. PXI is a standard for modular instrumentation that combines PCI Express technology with industry-standard modules for measurement, control, and automated testing. It provides a high-performance platform with synchronization and triggering capabilities, making it suitable for applications requiring precision and speed. cRIO is a compact and rugged embedded system designed for industrial applications. It consists of a real-time controller and reconfigurable FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array), offering flexibility and deterministic control. cRIO is commonly used in distributed control and monitoring systems. cDAQ is a compact and portable data acquisition platform that allows users to connect sensors and signals for measurement purposes. It provides a convenient solution for applications where space and mobility are critical factors. Together, PXI, cRIO, and cDAQ form a comprehensive suite of modular hardware platforms that cater to a wide range of testing, measurement, and control needs across different industries. These platforms are widely used in fields such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and research.